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Danity Kane is an American girl group signed to Bad Boy Records. They were formed on the television reality show Making the Band 3, which is the third installment of the Making The Band series. Danity Kane consists of: Aubrey Morgan O'Day, D. Woods, Shannon Rae Bex, Dawn Angelique Richard, and Aundrea Maya Garcia Fimbres. The group's first single is "Show Stopper". The video for Show Stopper debuted on August 4th, 2006 on "Making The Video". The group's official MySpace page currently states: "Self-titled debut album in stores Tues. August 22nd!". Confirmed producers (on the show) so far include Timbaland, Scott Storch, Jim Jonsin, Bryan Michael Cox, Rodney Jerkins, Rami, Mario Winans and Ryan Leslie.

The Name
The name comes from a character drawn by group member Dawn, who says, We were in the studio and I actually draw anime, and Diddy had been throwing some names at us - Courage, Trust, Beauty - but we want our name to mean something. Diddy looked at the superhero that was the anime that I drew and he was like, 'What's the name of that character?' I was like, 'Danity Kane,' and he was, like, 'Yo, that's dope, you guys can be five superheroes; five girls representing courage, representing all those things in one.

Making the Band, Season 3
Episode 1
The band goes to Dawn's hometown New Orleans. They see the destruction Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans and Debbie Richard's (Dawn Richard's mother) Dance Studio. They visit to Dawn's old high school and donate $5,000. They also make the Mardi Gras parade, where they ride one of the floats, throwing out beads.
Episode 2
The band prepares for their first performance, at the Mercury Room during NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas. They perform a 20 minute set consisting of three songs, but only two are shown: "She Has Everything" and "Ooh La, La." Their first performance was not very receptive by the crowd and Diddy.
Episode 3
The girls work with vocal coach Betty Wright doing different voice training sessions. Diddy decides that Shannon needs the most work vocally. Towards the end of the show, Diddy tells Shannon that she needs to show that she can sing and not hold back. Shannon starts crying as she sings and ends up showing that she really can sing. On the other hand, Aundrea and Shannon discover a mouse in a pile of clothes. Dawn calls an exterminator to fix the "mouse problem."
Episode 4
The girls do more dance training, meet with Atlantic records staff, do more vocal training, and meet with Ms. Jones. The girls take a minute to give her a live performance, but the interview turns sour when Ms. Jones says that only Dawn, Wanita, and Aundrea can sing. Aubrey takes this to heart, and is hurt by the comment. Diddy wants to send Aubrey home because she has a cold he doesn't want the other girls to catch. Aubrey wants to stay, saying the group needs her. Later, she doesn't get to help the girls write a song Diddy wants them to make.
Episode 5
The girls finally initiated the recording sessions for their album. Diddy said that he was "Proud of the progress" that the girls had made and that they were ready to begin recording. Once in the the studio they worked with Producer Scott Storch and vocal producer, Pooh Bear. The girls started on the song entitled, "Sleep On It". Dawn doesn't shine during the recording session. Her voice range is low and the song requires higher notes to be sung. She works through it and with a little encouragement form the rest of the group and Pooh Bear, she manages to sound great by the end of the episode. The girls are well on their way.
Episode 6
The band goes into the studio to record two brand new songs with Brian Cox. "One Shot(Handle Me)" and "Ride For You". Aubrey's part of one of the verses for "Ride For You" was cut. She was very upset and thought she didn't sound bad. Diddy told her she didn't have enough emotion for the song. He said he wanted to cry when he heard the song and Aubrey's emotion on the record didn't cut it. They went to record a second song and everyone noticed that Aubrey wasn't on that song either. Dawn was very concerned with Aubrey so she goes to Johnny and tells him about the problem. Johnny says he can't do anything about it, that it's the producers song. The girls record some more parts for "Sleep On It". They meet back up with Pooh Bear and Scott Storch and recorded great music. Aundrea was having boyfriend issues.
Episode 7
While working in the studio, the girls work on a new song. A new leader rises from the group, Aundrea. Also, the girls perform at Village Underground where they perform "Ride For You". But, Aundrea's boyfriend, Rudy, then breaks up with her because she did not call him the night before. All the girls are shocked to hear about this, while Aundrea gets very upset with this but the girls give their support.
Episode 8
First, the girls move into a beautiful house in Los Angeles. Then, they go and do a lot of radio interviews. They reveal their name, which is Danity Kane. Some look to be shocked by this name, and all ask what it means. Then, the girls are working on their choreography for their video. But, Lorianne, their choreographer, get very mad at the girls because they do not know the real version of the song for "Show Stopper". The girls then go to film their first music video which is "Show Stopper". They have to try to get the video done in one day, but they fall behind schedule. They do manage to get the video done in one day, and the video turns out great.
Episode 9 (Season Finale)
The girls think they might have to reschedule their first concert as Danity Kane after disastrous weather strikes their location, but suddenly as the date arrives the sun come out! The girls have their concert and perform songs from their album, including "One Shot(Handle Me)", "Want It", "Right Now", and "Show Stopper."

The single "Show Stopper" was released to itunes as a digital download on August 15th, 2006 and as of August 16 has peaked at number 6 on their top 100 songs chart

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